Rishika Jairath Super Sexy In Green Dress At Telugu Film

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  • Rishika Jairath Super Hot and Sexy In Green Dress At Telugu Film 'Billa Ranga' Press Meet In Hyderabad

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    Jennifier Lawrence Dior’s Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

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  • Republic Day 2015: Michelle Obama Lands in Indian Designer's Clothes

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  • The Veiled Messages Behind Celebrities’ Tattoos: Unveiled Version!

    By: Priyanka Sharma On: 8:29 PM
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  • Rita Ora's New Ear Tattoo
    Rita Ora upped the A-list tattoo stakes with a new ear tattoo. Her tiny inking is a smiley face, done by Menso One which she shared on her Instagram.

    Cara Delevingne Shows Off A New Hand Tattoo
    Cara Delevingne showed off a wasp inking next to her lion tattoo - but is it real?

    Jaime King showed off her new tattoo, which is a dagger and praying hands design, on her Instagram with a caption thanking Boston born tattoo artist Mark Mahoney, who's known for his monochrome inkings using a single needle.

    Cara Delevingne's Foot Tattoo

    Cara Delevingne's love of bacon has been well documented - those photoshopped Tom Ford Black Orchid campaign shots are beyond hilarious - but she's taken her admiration for the meaty treat a step further by having the word tattooed on the sole of her foot. We doubt she'll regret that one...

    Rita Ora's R Tattoo
    As well as a revealing dress and an eye-wateringly expensive mani, Rita Ora showed off her tattoos at the MTV VMA Awards - with her slicked back hair revealing the small 'R' behind her ear.

    Kelly Osbourne's Head Tattoo
    Kelly Osbourne surprised everyone with a head tattoo, saying: 'Stories...' She posted a picture showing her holding a bottle of purple ink, then a serious of her daring tat being done and later, of course, the finished result.

    Miley Cyrus' Tattoo Of Her Grandmother
    Miley Cyrus is renown for being closer-than-close to her family, but now the controversial star has paid the ulitmate tribute to a loved one by tattooing a retro portrait of her grandmother on her forearm.

    Adele's Neck Tattoo
    Adele keeps her inking simple with a peek-a-boo tattoo of the letter A on her neck. We’re guessing it stands for her son Angelo, rather than a reminder of her own name. The singer also has the word “Paradise” tattooed on her hand, and another inking on her wrist.

    Angelina Jolie's Back Tattoos
    Not only Angelina Jolie is a true beauty, she is also a walking text book of mysterious symbols and ancient languages. She sports a Buddhist prayer to bless her son Maddox on her upper back, written in Khmer, a Cambodian script. She’s also been pictured with Roman numerals, ‘Strength of Will’ in Arabic, the powerful statement ‘know your rights’ on the back of her neck, a tiger of Bengal and even the co-ordinates of satellite images of places of high importance to her –including the birth place of her son Maddox! Famously, Jolie also sports a tattoo of Billy Bob Thornton’s name. Some of her earliest tattoos include a Chinese dragon, a Latin cross and the Japanese symbol of death.

    Miley Cyrus With An Ear Tattoo
    Given her sometimes outlandish antics, Miley Cyrus's cute inner-ear tattoo of the word "love" is relatively subtle. But then the singer does have 18 more tattoos on her body...

    Fearne Cotton's Feet Tattoos
    Self-confessed tattoo-addict Fearne Cotton has more than 11 inkings on her body, including a mermaid on her back, a clover on her arm and several on her feet. The radio DJ and mum-of-one is a regular client of artist Mark Mahoney who has also tattooed the likes of Angelina Jolie and David Beckham.

    Rihanna's Tattoos
    Rihanna’s tattoos totalled 14 when this snap was taken, but we’re sure that number is set to rise. Stars, inscriptures and crosses all feature in her catalogue of body art as do musical symbols and skull and cross bones.

    Scarlett Johansson's Arm Tattoo
    We didn't take Scarlett Johansson for the tattoo type, but low and behold, Scarlett has a lone depiction of a setting sun on her forearm that supposedly is very personal and makes her feel happy. Well that is good enough for us Scarlett, its oh-so pretty, too.

    Victoria Beckham Tattoo
    Another serial tattoo-getter. Fans are fascinated by the numerous symbols etched down Victoria Beckham’s neck and back, which is a quotation of the Bible’s Song of Solomon in Hebrew. She also has the Roman numerals of 8 May 1997 – a date nostalgically alluding to a certain type of intimate anniversary that she shared with hubby David. By far the sweetest has to be the romantically spiralled DB initials on her wrist. 

    Cheryl Cole's Leg Tattoo
    Cheryl Cole revealed her sexy tattoo beneath this sheer pink Alexander McQueen fringe dress whilst celebrating her 26th birthday at The Vanilla Club. She also sports a daintier pattern on her hand that she showed off at the premiere of Outside of the Law at the 63rd Cannes Film festival in Cannes in May 2010, and a rather bolder design on her lower back.

    Rihanna's Tattoos
    Just call Rihanna the human doodle! She has copious amounts of little symbols and phrases jotted all over her, including a revolver on her back, a Pisces sign behind her right ear, a Sanskrit prayer tracing her hip and her motto, ‘Never a failure, always a lesson’ reversed onto her chest. We adore the twinkling stars falling from her neck down her back and the tiny ‘love’ tattooed on her left middle finger. More recently she had a tribal Maori design inked onto her hand.

    Emma Watson's Temporary Tattoo
    Emma Watson accessorised her grungy-chic attire with a temporary tattoo of two birds with text that read ‘mother love’ at Glastonbury one year. How very sweet of her.

    A little birdy told us that Sienna Miller is all starry-eyed for her tiny tattoos; which include three small stars on her shoulder, a lone-star tucked below her belly button and a special dove on her wrist. We love Sienna’s subtlety and ever-so girly choice of images.

    Megan Fox's Tattoos
    Megan Fox has an image of Marilyn Monroe on her right forearm and a tribute to her husband, Brian Austin Green, as well as a quotation by Freidrich Wilhelm Nietzsche: ‘And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.’ She also romantically refers to Shakespeare’s King Lear with the statement, ‘We will all laugh at gilded butterflies’ on her right shoulder blade. Incredibly, Megan Fox’s torso reveals that ‘there once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her heart’.